The Trial of Monogamy: Phased Polygamy In Gods own country

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My clientele is adults, 16 and up. In helping clients break old habits, I'm a licensed provider of Trim Life, a weight loss program using hypnosis.

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Another program is Clean Break for smoking cessation. If so, I can help! My name is Danielle Wunker, and my strength lies in working with people who want to make changes in their life. Above all else you are have value, worth, and dignity. Taking hold of this will change your life! I would like to assist you in moving from a place of struggle to a place of victory in you life's journey. I'm committed to providing high-quality service in a supportive, non-judgmental, positive atmosphere as I support you in reaching your goals and increasing your quality of life.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you in moving forward in pursuing your life goals. As a therapist it is my goal to work with you in creating that balance you strive for.

I enjoy working with clients of all ages, however, find that teens, young adults and parents working for this balance are able to connect well with my therapy style. I provide a tranquil environment of safety that allows clients to let their guard down and gain the skills and tools they need to reach their full potential.

You may be dealing with depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, or perhaps something has happened in your life that you're having a difficult time coping with. If you're in need of compassionate care from a licensed counselor, please call for a free phone consultation or to schedule an appointment. I work with individuals 18 years of age and older who are looking for a safe, non-judgmental place to work through various types of concerns. Flexible evening and weekend appointments are available. I look forward to working with you!

My goal in working with you is to help identify what is most challenging to you and find resolution. I have been a counselor for over 25 years and have helped many people overcome a variety of issues. I can ensure your privacy in a comfortable setting where you can share your concerns and explore your options. I am down to earth and will offer practical suggestions to help you improve the quality of your day-to-day life.

We are committed to addressing the needs of children.

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Troubled children, adolescents, and young adults are encouraged to challenge their current thinking patterns in order to address and improve maladaptive behaviors. Coping skills, training, and coaching are available to parents on how to improve parent-child interactions and reduce parenting stress.

Polygamist life takes ‘faith and determination,’ Bountiful woman testifies

I believe we each have a purpose and greater calling for our lives, and it has been a great honor to walk along side others who are seeking to work out their unique purpose and being that someone to partner with them in achieving their goals. I believe that lasting and meaningful change comes through a personal relationship with Christ, and it is through Christ that we learn all that we are truly capable of. Tired of feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? Not sure how to make your relationship better? Ready to let the past stop dragging you down?

By now, you've probably done everything you know to do at least three times - and yet nothing feels different.

That doesn't mean there's no hope. It just means you need some new things to try and a fresh way to look at things.

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That's where I come in and partner with you to share other solutions that you may not have thought of. Take a deep breath. No matter where you are in your search for a therapist, anxiety can make the task a bit overwhelming. I understand.

Polygamist life takes ‘faith and determination,’ Bountiful woman testifies

My goal is to help you experience a sense of peace and balance in all areas of your life. Let me help you focus on what really makes you feel fulfilled. Depending on your needs, I will draw upon a wide range of techniques to help you achieve wellness, including: talk therapy, problem-solving, meditation, visualization, music, expressive arts, goal setting and monitoring the progress of your life satisfaction. Convenient evening and weekend hours are available by appointment. I see a variety of clients with varying issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, OCD, PTSD, phobias, anger, stress, eating disorders, alcohol and drug addictions as well as behavioral addictions.

I also enjoy working with couples.

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The counseling process is a collaborative effort. I look forward to working with you. Have things gotten too overwhelming or is it finally time to try make sense of it all? It would be my pleasure to serve as your therapist. Whether you are dating, engaged, or have been married for years, seeking a relational therapist can be instrumental in strengthening the quality of your relationship.

At a time when Mormonism is booming, the Church is struggling with a troubled legacy.

Relational therapists are beneficial to individuals experiencing life stressors as well as they are equipped to provide support and knowledge that takes into account the many relationships in ones life. As well as working on an individual basis, I facilitate groups for stress management, weight loss, and meditation. Contact me for more information on the group sessions. I have had the privilege of working with amazing clients going through all phases of life. The Trial of Monogamy vividly depicts the differences and effects of the nature of marriage within a specific setting that is governed by specific laws and policies.

The book introduces readers to Udoka, who is raised by his single mother after his father dies prematurely in a rural African community. During one of such ceremonies, the uneducated Udoka saw and fell in love with Chioma who is educated and who hails from a completely different social background. Udoka gets rebuffed. Twist of fate brings both young people together and through encouragement from Chioma, Udoka goes to school, progresses, and ultimately marries Chioma.